Do You Know What Happens to Your Pool Pump If the Motor Dies?

Do You Know What Happens to Your Pool Pump If the Motor Dies?

Pool Pump Motor Dies: A pool pump motor can be tricky to fix if you don’t know what you’re doing. Most of the time, when people try to repair their pool pump motor, they end up breaking other parts and causing even more problems than they started with. Here are five things you should know about your pool pump motor parts before you attempt to fix them yourself.

If your pool pump motor burns out and stops working, you may think that you have to spend several hundred dollars on a new motor to get it up and running again. But there’s actually another option, and it’s much cheaper than buying an entirely new pool pump motor! If you know what you’re doing, all you need to do to fix your pool pump if the motor dies is replace the bearings inside the motor, which can be bought at any hardware store and are relatively inexpensive. Now let’s find out how this can help you save money!

Can you fix it yourself?

As a pool owner, you might be able to save a bundle of money by fixing your own pump yourself. All it takes is a small investment in parts and tools, coupled with some know-how. Just check out our how-to video on How To Fix A Leaking Pool Pump. Have at it! For example: How to Fix A Leaking Pool Pump – Step by Step Guide I put together an easy step-by-step guide showing you exactly how I fix my own pool pumps when they start leaking.

In fact, if you’ve ever had issues with any pool equipment, I think you’ll find these videos helpful! Everything from swimming pool pumps to chemicals and equipment – nothing gets left out! Over time your pool filter system can have problems that need repairing.

Did you know that most repairs are pretty simple to do yourself for minimal costs – sometimes only about $5 dollars or less? Many common filter repairs like replacing valves, hoses, or backwash assemblies are very simple as long as you have a few basic hand tools like wrenches and screwdrivers (you probably already have them) then go online with questions which can be answered really quickly because almost every brand has made easy-to-understand repair guides right there on their website… …Bottom line: Take charge of your own destiny; Don’t let incompetent service people handle repair jobs.

The worst thing you can do is turn over an essential part of your pool filtration system, such as a sand filter or motor pump to just anybody who claims to be qualified to replace them. There’s no sense paying someone else more than $50 dollars if you’re capable of doing it yourself, especially when all it takes is a little elbow grease and determination! Keep reading below because I’m going to show you where most leaks come from so you will know what part needs replacing.

After researching everything that goes into starting up a car detailing business – here’s my best tip: Get ready for cash flow problems.

Pool Pump Motor

Pool Pump Motor
Pool Pump Motor

It is a common misconception that when a pool pump motor dies, you must replace your entire pump system. This isn’t always true. Depending on what has broken down, you may be able to find and purchase replacement parts for your existing motor. Be sure to check your current parts when shopping for new pool pump motors as not all of them are created equal. When purchasing an entirely new pool pump motor, make sure it can be used with your existing plumbing setup before buying it.

Swapping out your current motor with a brand new one can be quite costly; therefore, taking some time to research and shop around is imperative so that you don’t end up having spent more money than was necessary.

Don’t try this at home

The most common way people accidentally kill their pool pump motor is by leaving it on for too long. For example, leaving your pump running over a weekend or during a holiday can have terrible consequences. In short, if you turn off your pool pump, be sure that you’ve turned off all controls as well; otherwise, if you forget about them (or accidentally leave them on), your motors will burn out.

Before switching off at night, make sure that all faucets are closed and filters are clean (especially important for above-ground pumps). Avoid washing down your deck when working with wet surfaces; it’s too easy to get water into places where it doesn’t belong. When in doubt—and even when not—check!

Can you buy a replacement online or does it cost to replace it?

It depends on where you live. Some online sellers offer motor replacement kits that include everything necessary to replace your dead motor, including parts, which is an easy way to avoid any potential problems. These kits are generally universal and can be used with a variety of pool pumps. Others will sell a pump only or might try to convince you that it’s cheaper for them just give them your old pump or buy one from them.

It isn’t cheap or economical, though—pool pumps aren’t like cars where a few parts are interchangeable and most people don’t have time for their pump repair. Remember: Most often, some good-old DIY is required if your motor dies on you!

Repairing can be an expensive mistake

When your pool pump motor fails, it will often mean that you’ll need a complete replacement. In addition to replacing a perfectly good motor, however, there are some other costs associated with a new pool pump purchase: It’s not uncommon for new pumps to come bundled with chlorine and/or pH regulation systems. So when buying a new pump, be sure to get an estimate of how much it will cost you for any extras you might need!

For example, if your old pump came with an automatic timer and automatic start system (meaning you could tell it when to turn on and off) then those parts should be included in any quote for replacing your motor.

Note: that they may only work with certain models, so make sure they’re compatible before making a decision! By doing a little homework first, you can save yourself from having unexpected expenses after purchasing your pump.

Is there another way?

Of course, there is! And it’s not as expensive or time-consuming as you might think. Simply call in a professional pool maintenance expert to check out your pump and perform preventative maintenance. They can install new filters, make sure everything is running smoothly, and more—all for much less than what it would cost to replace your whole motor. Better yet, if they catch any issues early on, they can resolve them before you even know there’s anything wrong.

This kind of proactive approach will save you money in both short-term repairs and long-term replacements. It also means that when something inevitably does go wrong down the line, it won’t affect your entire system but just one small component instead.

Much Does It Cost

The pool pump motor is an important part of your pool system. However, there’s a misconception that these motors will last forever. With proper maintenance and care, you can get many years out of your motor before you need to replace it with a new one. In some cases, a replacement may not be necessary if you repair or fix what’s wrong with it instead. While there are many things that can go wrong, here are four common problems that occur in most pool pumps:…

A few helpful tips to help prolong your motor life include: Making sure any debris isn’t blocking either inlet or outlet ports. These can be easily cleaned by removing screws from each port, pulling it off its housing, and rinsing them clean under running water.

Pool Pump How Long

How long does a pool pump last? It’s a common question from pool owners and unfortunately, it’s one with no single answer. Much depends on what kind of motor is powering your system, where you live, and how well your pump is cared for. But these motors do have an average lifespan — usually 3-5 years. Luckily, there are ways to make sure yours lasts longer than that…or if it doesn’t, ways to save time and money when shopping for a replacement motor.