6 Reasons Why You Should Get a Variable Speed Pool Pump

Speed Pool Pump

A variable speed pool pump is essential if you want to keep your pool clean and sparkling. These pumps are more energy-efficient than standard pool pumps, which means you’ll save money on your electric bill every month while still enjoying plenty of swimming time in the warm water of your own swimming pool. Here are 6 reasons why you should consider getting one of these Variable Speed Pool Pumps.

1) Saving on electricity

The reason that you should use a variable speed pool pump is to save money on electricity. Pool pumps, even those with higher energy efficiency, draw more electricity than most other home appliances. This means that swimming pool owners have higher electricity bills than non-pool owners. By using a variable speed pool pump, you can reduce your energy costs and still swim in your own backyard pool. A good quality variable speed pool pump will also reduce noise levels by 50 percent which might be an added bonus for some people who live close to neighbors or in apartments with thin walls. It’s always good to do what you can to lower your home’s carbon footprint because not only will it save you money but it will also benefit our environment as well. Make sure that your pool is balanced properly so that your pool doesn’t need to work overtime. There are many variables when it comes to balancing water in pools such as PH, Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, and even Temperature. If your water isn’t balanced properly then you won’t enjoy swimming in it due to things like algae growth on steps/ladders/and equipment plus other problems associated with high alkalinity or low calcium hardness. Pool equipment needs oxygen to perform at peak performance levels so replacing them when they are worn out would help with reducing unnecessary wear on these components of equipment while saving money since they won’t need to be replaced as soon from lack of performing at optimum level.

2) Less maintenance

While there are a number of good reasons to buy a variable speed pool pump, there’s perhaps no better reason than your wallet. In addition to being more energy-efficient, variable speed pumps can save you money on electric bills. As you change speeds and power levels, it typically takes less electricity to run your pool pump. Your costs will remain consistent—and may even go down—as you work out of demand charges and off-peak hours for electricity. When it comes time to purchase a new pool pump, don’t ignore these savings. The lower power needs of an efficient pool pump can add up over time; in some cases, they could amount to hundreds of dollars in savings over their lifetime. And as demand prices increase, those numbers will only go up.
For many pool owners, upgrading or replacing their pool pump is always at or near the top of their To-Do list when spring rolls around each year. But if you’re looking to cut costs without cutting back on performance, it might be time to seriously consider moving away from conventional single-speed pool pumps and towards modern variable speed ones instead.

3) Less noise

A variable speed pool pump helps you cut down on noise pollution and save money on your electric bill. The unique design of these pumps comes with fewer moving parts than their standard counterparts, making them not only quieter but more durable as well. In turn, they can reduce your energy bills by up to 40% while also extending pump life. Most homeowners report that after switching to a variable speed pool pump, they no longer have to close off rooms or fill in extra holes to escape from the sound. It’s truly an ingenious way to swim in silence! If you want some peace and quiet during those hot summer days, switch over to a variable speed pump today.

4) Improved water circulation

In general, variable speed pool pumps move water more efficiently and deliver better water circulation for a healthier swimming pool. The fact that variable speed pool pumps turn at different speeds is what makes them so effective at moving water. Unlike other types of pumps that simply deliver more or less power based on how fast they’re spinning, variable speed pumps match their rotational speed to your specific flow needs. They can spin faster or slower to make up for changes in resistance within your system—whether that’s due to heavy rains or people splashing around in your pool. When combined with proper filtration, a variable speed pump will improve water quality, reduce wear-and-tear on equipment, and keep maintenance costs down.

5) Easier programming

With a variable speed pool pump, you can use your filter to set different speeds and cycle times. You no longer have to waste energy and water by over-filtering at all times or during shorter, non-swimming hours. Instead, you can use your pool water more efficiently—making it both cheaper and safer for everyone in your family. The end result is that you’ll spend less time cleaning up after yourself and more time swimming with loved ones. If you have kids who just love splashing around in pools, you may never look back. A cleaner pool also means healthier kids and a better quality of life overall. It’s hard to know exactly what an investment like one of these will bring you when money is tight; however, given what they can do for your whole family, they might just be worth considering. If there was ever an excuse to get out and swim instead of sitting inside watching TV or playing video games (or even cleaning) on hot summer days—this would be it!

6) Overall better performance

The feature of variable speed control can make pool pumps more efficient by running at speeds appropriate for water conditions. For example, if water levels are low, it may be sufficient to run at half speed. This can significantly reduce energy consumption and save money on utility bills. It also reduces wear and tears on both pumps and motors as they don’t have to work as hard or for as long periods of time. For example, variable speed pumps might cut heating costs by 50 percent in a hot tub environment. This can add up quickly when you think about how often you use your hot tub! Imagine buying one less pump every 10 years because it will last longer—or imagine cutting out new pump purchases completely. Another benefit: Properly maintained variable speed systems keep debris from getting into pump impellers and causing damage (and eventual replacement). If you know that an open filter will cause damage to your system, then it makes sense that keeping filters clean is a key component of reliability and safety. Any mechanic will tell you that avoiding catastrophic system failure starts with proper maintenance of filtration equipment such as pumps.